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Xató d'Estiu is a group made up of performing arts professionals from Vilanova and la Geltrú who have decided to join together to boost and promote theatrical creation in our town. 


We currently form the collective Blanca Bardagil (playwright and director), ARC cultural management, Josep Maria Teixell (playwright and director), Adriana Segurado (actress and movement specialist) with the intermittent collaboration of Núria Valls (actress and dubbing director) and Jordi Pérez (actor and cultural manager).


However, we are open to expanding the team, so if you are a performing arts professional and are interested in the project, do not hesitate to write to us!

Values and objectives
As creators of Vilanova, we are interested in decentralizing the professional creation of large urban centers and bringing it closer to the public of our town and doing it in a fun, participatory and intergenerational way.


Our objectives are:

  1. Promote the creation and development of the performing arts in our town.

  2. Give value to contemporary Catalan drama as a tool for generating discourse and artistic language. 

  3. Diversify the spaces of representation.​

  4. Energize emblematic spaces of the city and bring them closer to the public in a playful way and linked to scenic research and creation.​

  5. Promote artistic activity in public spaces.​

  6. Committed to interdisciplinarity, participation and intergenerationality in creative processes. ​​

  7. Make Vilanova i la Geltrú a reference town in scenic research and creation. 


Since we decided to join in the winter of 2022 we were clear that we wanted to start working and planting the seed of something that could grow and work in the territory, so we put a thread on the needle and decided to organize a TOURNAMENT OF SHORT DRAMATURGY. 


What is and how does a Short Dramaturgy Tournament work?


A short playwriting tournament is a short-form playwriting festival where the public votes on pre-selected texts that are brought to life by professional actors and actresses in the form of a dramatized reading.


A professional jury chooses the winner from among the finalists from the popular vote. All together in a festive and playful atmosphere, which in our case is celebrated with a maritime setting, live music and the option of a cold dinner.


Four hours of theatre, music and good humor in a privileged space near the sea during sunset.



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